On Friday Oct-27 Hands 4 Zero Poverty (H4ZP) hosted a happy hour fundraising event. The night was a great success. H4ZP has been able to raise $5,025. We have surpassed the initial goal of raising $5,000. As the person who started this movement two years ago, reaching this goals means all the sacrifices and efforts invested since day one was worth it. It makes me really happy to see people showing support for the cause of helping others. As I have always state, your support is the fuel that continues driving this cause further. The sky is the limit with your support. Together we can drive this to anywhere our help is needed. 

Some of the highlights of the night included the music played by my good friend DJEva from the Seattle DJ Academy and a great comedy show provided by Kermet Apio. I tell you, I can spend an entire night listening to both of them. It was also a big surprise to have Extreme Hose from King5 Evening and John Miller join and provide the guests a 20 minute show. They both did an amazing job in the India food investigative report video, below I provide the link in case you missed it. 

I cannot wait to put the funds collected to work in India and to share with you the stories of the people who get the benefit of your support. This next strip will be more special than the others. In this trip I bring with me your spirit therefore; I come with a strong team. During the event, and since then, many of you approached me to ask if you can assist in growing H4ZP. My answer has always been: absolutely. If you want to help or have questions please reach out to me at any time at billy.cedeno@h4zp.org.

Watch news anchor John Miller introducing Extreme Hose to Indian cuisine, part of a cultural experience segment @ the H4PZ funraising event. Food type: Samosa with Bhut Jolokia sauce, the world's hottest chili pepper. 

Hands 4 Zero Poverty H4ZP thank you