During my last trip to India I had the opportunity to visit many slums within the New Delhi metropolitan area. With the donations collected from my last fundly campaign, I was able to distribute food to communities living in extreme poverty. The families I interacted with live with less than 1.5 per day. Many spend entire days going trash trying to find recycle material for sale. One inspiring fact about these people is that they were extremely welcoming to outsiders. Another fact is that they all seem very happy in spite of not having much. It is truly a learning experience to see how these people live and see how they manage to give you a big smile. I have posted some photos and a video to share the moment. I cannot wait to visit them again on my next trip in the fall this year. I hope to be able meet with them one more time and have the opportunity to meet other similar communities.  

Hands 4 Zero Poverty www.H4ZP.org

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