South Rebel Production (SRP) and Hands 4 Zero Poverty joined forces and entered the Bill & Melinda Foundation contest to fight against global poverty. SRP & H4ZP were selected among 50 other groups to produce a promotional video for an existing NGO working to fight poverty worldwide. We selected the International Rescue Committee (IRC) NGO, due to their amazing work in Syria. This page was created to share the video. We thank those who helped with this video and the International Rescue Committee (IRC). 

the irc video

This video is a campaign to promote the International Rescue Committee, an organization committed to support refuges worldwide. This video features artists, DJs, Skateboarders, Actors, Singers, etc; joined to provide a message seeking for people to get involved with this amazing cause. This video also features the welcome of Syrian refuges resettle in Seattle, Washington.

For additional photos visit us at H4ZP Google Photo