Why create the H4ZP Happy Hour event?
The H4ZP event was created to provide guests the ability to relax, have fun, and network while raising funds for those living in extreme poverty in India. Guests are offered an enjoyable night of free drinks, food, and entertainment at no cost, but donations are welcome.

What are the objectives of the event?
-  Offer guests a fun networking event while facilitating the collection of funds to support underprivileged communities in India.
- Encourage guests to seek opinions, share stories, and learn from each other.
- Urge the public to engage in the fight against poverty.
- Raise awareness about poverty worldwide.
- Provide an opportunity for relaxation and entertainment while helping others.

Where are the donations going?
The funds collected from this event will be used to accomplish the following:
- Distribute food to locations of extreme poverty
- Provide medical treatment to those in immediate need
- Provide vaccinations for common diseases within the area
- Offer scholarships to children who are living in the slums and cannot afford to attend school
- Provide school supplies to children attending school
- Provide basic supplies to an orphanage with limited resources
- Offer English classes for children living in the slums*
With your donations, we can achieve the above goals and so much more for those living in extreme poverty in India.

* English is a highly valued skill for many companies in India. People who are fluent in English are more likely to obtain higher paying jobs compared to those with no English skills.

What is the total cost of the event?
The total cost of the event is $3,400. The cost breakdown is as follows:
- Venue Fee.......................$400
- Guests Drink................$1,500
- Guests Food.................$1,000
- Others............................$500

The event planning team is comprised entirely of volunteers.

Can I help in the planning of this event?
Absolutely! You can help make this a better event; the better the event, the more funds we can collect for those living in the slums of India. If you are interested in joining the planning team or providing ideas to make this better event, please send a message to fundraising@h4zp.org

Can I bring additional guests?
Yes, additional guests are welcome. When you RSVP online, please specify the number of guests you plan to bring to the event. If you have already RSVPed and want to bring additional guests, please send a message to fundraising@h4zp.org

Can I be a sponsor of this event?
Absolutely! In fact, this is highly encouraged. If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please send a message to fundraising@h4zp.org. Your sponsorship will be announced multiple times throughout the event and your logo will be added to the event’s banner and website. Your sponsorship will also be announced via social media postings by H4ZP. Sponsorship is a fantastic way to show the public your commitment toward the fight against poverty.

Will I be able to consume alcoholic beverages beyond what is provided by the event?
Yes, the event will have a private room with a staffed bar and a server. You can purchase additional drinks and food there as desired. For more information about the food and drink selections and pricing, please visit www.garagebilliards.com.

Are minors allowed?
Unfortunately, the Garage Seattle is a 21-and-older establishment. No minors are allowed in the building. 

How is parking?
There is a parking lot next to the Garage, and the average price is $8 for three hours.  There is also street parking for about $3.  After 6 PM, street parking is not difficult to find.

How can I donate?
You can donate prior, during and after the event. You can use Fundly to provide your contributions to India. 

For additional information please contact fundraising@h4zp.org