Unfortunately India is one of the countries with the highest rape cases in the world. According to the National Crime Records Bureau 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012. Many children are conceived via these crimes and therefore, are generally unwanted. These children are usually abandon in dumpsters at birth; less than 60 percent survive. Fortunately there are agencies who care for these children. Hands 4 Zero Poverty was able to visit Specialised Adoption Center, an agency in Faridabad India. Although agencies like these receive government funding, it is not enough to provide the proper care these children need. Support like yours keep these agencies operating. Help H4ZP provide the support needed to keep these agencies operating. 

Their Stories

She made was dropped off at the agency the day H4ZP visited. She was left at a rail station. She was found with multiple broken bones; the local doctors were not able to find the reason for the broken bones. She has been more than three months at the agency therefore, she is eligible for adoption. The Indian Police Department has not been able to find her family. To date, no one has reported her missing.

His mother dropped him off at the police station and then suddenly collapsed. She was brutally attacked prior to dropping the child at the Police Department. The policy has not been able to find her attacker. No one has come forward to claim him or has reported him missing for 90 days. He has been adopted and is living happily with his new family in India.

He was found in dumpster near a rail station. Doctors believe he had difficulty breathing while unattended therefore, sustained brain damage. Based on the statistics, it is highly unlikely he will be adopted due to his condition. If not adopted he will remain under the care of agencies until he reaches the age of 18.

He was found at rail station, doctors believe he was within hours of passing away. He was extremely dehydrated and underweight. It is unknown why he was left behind however, it is possible to due a minor condition in his hand. Two fingers are joined from the base. After two years at the adoption center he was adopted by an India family living in Italy. He is now living in Italy.

Sinram is the founder of Specialised Adoption Center, the only adoption center in Faridabad, India. Her dedication and passion for helping has given her the ability to provide a new opportunity to many children in India. She is a strong and dedicated leader, an inspiration for all of us.

Raj works at the adoption center. He has the responsibility helping these children find a new home. He also has the responsibility of representing them in court. Raj has been member of Hands 4 Zero Poverty for the past three years. He has been extremely instrumental in the success of the organization.

Join Hands 4 Zero Poverty in helping make their lives more enjoyable. It is really horrifying to listen to their stories however, it is really amazing to learn there are people who are caring for them.

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